Rosacea: An Introduction

Rosacea Treatment 2011 Archive

16/8/11 — Advances in Rosacea Treatment for 2011.

Rosacea is a skin disorder requiring a multi-modal approach to treatment.

According to the stage of the rosacea and the type of lesions, rosacea patients require topical medications, oral medications, or rosacea laser treatment.

Rosacea skin care is important at all stages of the disease.

Rosacea can be treated effectively with a combination of excellent skin care (with particular attention to cleansers and sunscreens), various topical and systemic medications, laser treatments and surgery. If expertly controlled over time, mild to moderate rosacea is generally responsive to less involved rosacea treatment.

In the absence of optimal rosacea treatment, rosacea typically progresses to a more disfiguring condition, characterized by extreme chronic inflammation, rhinophyma (enlargement of the nose), seemingly interminable flushing, broken capillaries and even vision loss (in ocular rosacea).

Few patients appreciate that once redness has become chronic, it usually isn't long before pimples, papules and pustules become a frequent occurrence.

The Rosacea Treatment Clinic provides a variety of medically-endorsed and novel research rosacea treatment worthy of investigation along with a frequently updated rosacea treatment news section. The Clinic's selection of skin care and home treatments are exceptional but expensive and not all products are available for order online, a problem compounded by their being little availability for new referrals (some treatment products are prescription-only).

There is a general paucity of genuinely useful and actionable rosacea treatment information available online, however the following are among the better sources available:

Rosacea Treatment — Advice Resource (although now somewhat out to date, provides links to further succinct information).

Rosacea Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention — WebMD.

Rosacea Treatments and Drugs — Mayo Clinic.

Rosacea — MedLine Plus (includes a section on rosacea treatment; makes the claim that rosacea is not "medically dangerous" which is incorrect: ocular rosacea, rosacea conglobata and rosacea fulminans are extremely serious variants of rosacea).

Rosacea Treatment — American Academy of Dermatology.

Treatment Pale's Rosacea's Red Face — US FDA, 1994 (document no longer available).

Recent promising advances in rosacea treatment include clinical experience with silymarin.

Remember while the cause of rosacea is not yet fully known and there is no cure, optimal present-day rosacea treatment, where there is early diagnosis, can prevent and even reverse its progression.

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