Rosacea: An Introduction

Rosacea & Rhinophyma (Nasal Enlargement)

This Rosacea variation generally occurs only in men.

The most common visual characteristic is an extremely bulbous nose that becomes progressively larger over many years.

A common misconception is that Rhinophyma is caused by excessive alcohol consumption and the disease is often associated with alcoholics.

Alcohol does not cause Rhinophyma.

As with any form of Rosacea, alcohol can exacerbate many of the symptoms, but other perhaps unknown factors are the causative issue.

There are also a number of Rhinophyma variations that include:

  • Glandular Rhinophyma Form
  • Febrous Rhinophyma Form
  • Febroangiomatous Rhinophyma Form
  • Actenic Rhinophyma Form

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