Rosacea: An Introduction

Stage 2 of Rosacea Progression

Stage Two Rosacea includes the outward characteristics of Stage One Rosacea, along with acne-like papules and pustules.

These lesions can be present intermittently or may persist for weeks at a time.

While, once again, it is important to remember that these are not actual acne lesions, the deeper inflammatory Rosacea lesions can produce shallow scars.

As stage Two Rosacea progresses, the sebaceous follicles become larger and more prominent, further contributing to the formation of papules and pustules.

It is also important to note that pustules and papules are a result of inflammatory causes and not bacteria.

The larger Rosacea lesions contribute more to shallow scarring, further adding to the devastating effect that Rosacea can have on the Rosacea patient's self-image.

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