Rosacea: An Introduction

Pre-Stage 1 of Rosacea Progression

It is believed that some individuals may be predisposed to developing Rosacea either because of hereditary factors or certain innate characteristics that they possess.

These people tend to show early signs that may indicate the tendency to develop Rosacea.

While these signs do not guarantee that they will develop Rosacea, at the very least precautionary measures can be initiated which may assist in delaying or preventing the actual onset of the disease, or more effectively controlling the outward symptoms of Rosacea.

Persons who may be pre-stage I Rosacea are often referred to as "flushers and blushers" and may find conventional topical acne medications and skin care products to be irritating.

For example, a young woman in her early 20's might have a glass of wine, eat spicy food or get emotional.

Instead of a possible momentary flush, her face, neck and chest may turn red and the redness might persist for 10 minutes to half an hour.

In people who develop Rosacea, reactive flushing and blushing eventually leads to permanent erythema (redness).

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