Rosacea: An Introduction

Acne Personality Testing - Szondi Test

Population: Ages 4 and over.

Score: N/A.

Time: (10-15) minutes repeated six to ten times with one day intervals.

Author: Lipot Szondi.

Publisher: U.S. Distributor: Grune & Stratton, Inc.

Description: The Szondi Test is a projective technique based on a person's reaction to a series of 48 photographs of psychotic patients. The photographs were chosen in accordance with the principle of genic relationship; that is, the person assumedly selects a photograph which portrays a psychiatric disorder also inherent in the subject’s own familial genealogy.

Scoring: This test yields eight factors and 4 vectors (each vector is a total of 2 factors). They are as follows; homosexual, sadistic, sexual vector, epileptic, hysteric, paroxysmal vector, catatonic, paranoic, schizophrenic vector, depressive, manic, and contact vector.

Reliability and Validity: The manual contains no information on reliability and validity.

Norms: The manual contains no information on normative samples.

Suggested Uses: Recommended uses include projective assessment in a clinical setting.

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