Rosacea: An Introduction

Broken Capillaries

After extended periods of dilation, blood vessels break and remain dilated, giving rise to a more permanent redness. Referred to as broken capillaries or couperose. These are some of the most common rosacea symptoms.

If your rosacea improves and facial redness begins to clear, underlying broken capillaries may actually appear more prominent because there's less red for them to hide behind.

Melbourne Dermatology discusses both the prevention and treatment of broken capillaries leading up to and after IPL rosacea laser sessions.

They suggest very specific topical care be used prior to IPL. In many cases IPL will be performed early on in care, if for no other reason than the symptom of facial redness being the most obvious and therefore distressing for many rosacea patients combined with the possibility of the treatment taking "longer than expected" to achieve a positive outcome.

There is also a broader list there pertaining to broken capillaries, handling issues such as veins visible under the eyes (although these can often appear to be chronic dark circles) couperose and the benefits of using bio-available antioxidants in association with sunscreens.

A point of warning on that last point — virtually no topical antioxidant products on the market are truly bio-available (I would include Cellex-C as one such relatively useless product), and many are irritating.

Moreover, if alcohol makes you flush, no amount of topical antioxidant, effective or otherwise, is going to mitigate that sort of highly damaging inflammatory cascade. It comes from within. Topicals work best against damaging environmental factors.

Symptom prevention is better than topical obsession. Manage all aspects with equal due diligence and you'll really be on to something.

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