Rosacea: An Introduction

Rhinophyma May Conceal Skin Cancer

Basal cell carcinoma lurking within gross rhinophyma.

Dennis John Mckenna, MBChB, Kevin Mckenna, MD, MBChB, Belfast City Hospital, Belfast, United Kingdom

A 77-year-old man with long-standing gross rhinophyma developed a 6- by 8-mm ulcerated nodular lesion on the right side of his nose. Such a lesion would normally have been clinically obvious when occurring on normal skin. However, given the soft tissue hypertrophy and general nodularity of the nose due to rhinophyma, it had not been initially apparent.

The clinical photographs demonstrate the difficulty in diagnosing carcinoma in patients with gross rhinophyma.

For further information, see REDLOG: Basal Cell Carcinoma (Skin Cancer) & Rhynophyma [April 2007].

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