Rosacea: An Introduction

Skinceuticals' Silymarin: Skinceuticals Face Cream and Skinceuticals Eye Cream

The present invention relates to the use of compositions comprising the extract of the milk thistle plant, Silybum marianum, soybean protein and alpha tocopherol, either singly or in combination, in novel compositions for topical application on skin, hair and nails.

More specifically, the present invention pertains to compositions for the above use, which are suitable for the entire skin.

The present invention pertains to compositions for the above use, which are characterized in that they comprise milk thistle extract, soybean protein, and alpha tocopherol, either individually or in combination.

Patent number: 6524599

Filing date: Jun 29, 2001

Issue date: Feb 25, 2003

Inventor: Sheldon R. PinnellBiography

Assignee: Skinceuticals, Inc.

Primary Examiner: Thurman K. Page

Secondary Examiner: S. Howard

Attorney: Jenkens & Gilchrist, P. C.

Application number: 9/895,970.

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